A Caring Community

Connecting with Others

Repair… Rebuild… Restore

The world is not a perfect place. At times some of our relationships with people become broken. At LORDS we focus on not only how to build positive relationships but how to rebuild broken ones in a peaceful and respectful manner. Through restorative practices we are able to bring people together to resolve and deal with conflict in a structured and supportive environment where relationships can be put right and harm can be dealt with so that all parties involved can move forward with dignity. Students are taught to understand the importance of living in community where learning, people and the environment are to be respected so that all members of the community feel safe (physically and emotionally) and effective learning can take place.

“The conversation is the relationship.”

– Margaret Thornsborne (Restorative Justice Facilitator)

Restorative Questions

What has happened?

What were you thinking at the time?

Who has been affected and in what way?

What needs to happen to put things right?

What can be done differently next time?

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