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Learning for Life

At LORDS we encourage students to be the best they can be to make a difference in the world. It is important that all members of the community see themselves as learners and view learning as a lifelong endeavour. With this in mind, LORDS has an inquiry based approach to learning and teaching where students are guided to inquire, investigate, think and question using a supportive learning framework.


The LORDS Learner Profile focuses clearly on developing skills that students’ need for now and the future. The lifelong attributes contribute to the development of the whole person and are reflected in teaching and learning strategies from K-12. These attributes include the:


  • Independent Learner (focus on personal competencies)
  • Collaborative Learner ( focus on social competencies)
  • Community Contributor (at home, school, locally, nationally and globally)
  • Social and environmental learners 
  • Critical and Creative Thinker (includes considering appropriate ethical behaviour and thinking with an opportunity for advocacy) 
  • Effective Communicator
  • Quality Producer


Having a strong foundation in the basics allows students to succeed and follow their pathways at school and beyond. This includes:


  • A clear and developmentally appropriate approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy
  • Ensuring that students know and understand the purpose of technology for their learning and life in an ever changing world.




LORDS offers subjects based on the Australian Curriculum. Core subjects including: Mathematics, Science, English, SOSE (History and Geography), Christian Studies, Physical Education and Japanese.


Students in the Junior School (Prep- Year 6) also have opportunities to experience specialised subjects in Physical Education, Music and Japanese.


An elective program is offered in the Middle Years (Year 7-9) in The Arts (Music, Drama and Visual Arts) and Technology Studies ( Design Technology, Home Economics and Information Computer Technology).


Senior school allows students in Years 10 - 12 to explore a variety of pathways for their future.  These include:

  • OP and vocational pathways
  • School based traineeships
  • Development of career plans
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Partnership with TAFE and Universities
  • Subject range across the Sciences, The Arts, Humanities, Hospitality and Technology.




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