Junior School

Our Junior School includes Prep to Year 6 and offers a variety learning experiences and programs to enhance each child’s spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development.


Our Prep program includes:

  • Building upon the cultural and social experiences from home, kindergarten and the community
  • Growing a foundational understanding of literacy and numeracy and other essential skills which are further developed throughout the Junior School
  • A stimulating learning environment which helps to develop a love of learning.

Prep Program especially focusses on:

  • Experiential learning experiences- learning through play, curiosity and exploration
  • Language and communication
  • Social and personal competence
  • A ‘hands on’ approach to Mathematics where your child is encouraged to ask questions and solve problems
  • Health and physical learning including ongoing development of gross and fine motor skills
  • Learning that is negotiated and develops and enhances your child’s creativity and thinking skills

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Years 1-6

Foundational learning continues throughout the Junior School years. Students are nurtured in a supportive environment while they are encouraged to grow as independent learners and community contributors.
Features of LORDS education during these years include:

  • Flexible learning environments that support collaboration and creativity and allow for different learning styles.
  • Development of Essential Skills- collaboration, problem solving, creative and critical thinking, ICT skills, communication, personal and social skills
  • Integrating key learning areas and connecting learning to the real world. Being problem finders and problem solvers through Project Based Learning
  • Developing a lifelong love of learning through engaging, hands on, experiential learning activities
  • Specialist lessons in Japanese, Music and Sport
  • Further build on their literacy and numeracy skills across all the curriculum
  • Wide range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Christian Studies, Technology, Humanities and Art as well as Japanese, Music and PE
  • Social and Emotional Skills Program for all students
  • Inter school sports program for Years 4 to 6
  • Skills based sports program for Prep to Year 2
  • Just For Fun lunch time clubs (drawing, skipping, anime, gardening etc)
  • Home Fun Club
  • Airconditioned comfort for all classrooms

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