What to bring to Kindergarten

All Kindergarten children need to bring/wear the following items each day:

  • Large named bag that your child can carry and that can fit all of the items (excluding sheets, rest time box) that your child needs for their Kindy day inside (children are encouraged to unpack and pack their own bags and carry their bags themselves)
  • 1 x change of clothes – season appropriate, including socks (please pack extra sets of clothes if your child has toileting accidents regularly)
  • Hat – sun smart, broad brimmed (no caps please – we have ‘Sun Smart’ status at LLWK)
  • Shoes and socks (that they can put on and take off independently – no laces please unless you are actively teaching your child to tie their own laces)
  • Wear season appropriate clothing – shoulders covered please and try to avoid difficult zips, belts and clothing your child cannot take off and put on themselves
  • Insulated Lunch Bag with frozen ice brick – insulated lunch bags will not be kept in the fridge, as part of new regulations and the transition to Prep.  Lunch boxes need to contain:
    • A fruit/vegetable snack for fruit break
    • Nutritional morning tea AND lunchNO NUTS PLEASE (we have a child with a life threatening allergy to nuts)!
  • Water bottle containing cool, fresh water only (please save cordial, juice, etc. for home) – please wash these regularly to ensure they are safe to drink from and do not contain mould
  • Sheets in a Sheet Bag and optional small pillow (please include a small blanket during the cooler months)
  • Library Bag with your child’s name clearly labelled on it – library borrowing is available every day – please assist your child to borrow a book and record this on the individualized forms provided
  • Jumper/Jacket in winter or the cooler months of the year
  • Show and Tell only on assigned Show and Tell Days please and no weapons J

We ask that children’s personal items ie: toys are NOT brought to Kindy – except if it is a comforter for rest time or an item for show and tell, which will then be kept in sheet bags or in the Show and Tell box until needed.

Please clearly name all belongings. This is really important!

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