NEWS Wednesday, 27 Jul 2022

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

The Kokoda Challenge event is no easy feat and on Saturday we had 3 teams complete the 48km trek, starting at Numinbah Valley and finishing at Nerang Velodrome.  It is a long way with some very big hills.

Congratulations to Mr Steinhardt and his team of Isaac B, Harper B, Oscar B and Heath S.  This team completed the challenge in 9 hours and 36 mins, which is a new LORDS record for the 48km event.  This group committed to each other to run when they could and sustain a quick pace for a VERY LONG TIME.

Well done Mr Bull and his team of Josh D, Zac DD, Zach D and Tyson S.  This team completed the challenge in 10 hours and 19 minutes.  They battled some early adversity, but over-came obstacles and much like Mr Steinhardt’s team, made the decision to run when they could, committing to each other with every decision made.

Lastly, big congrats to Mrs Leeds and her team of Sonny M, Jasper B, Jakob V and Isaac H.  This team of grade 8 students took on the 48km event for the first time this year and yes, endured many obstacles, but overcame them as a team and finished as a team with a time of 12 hours and 20 minutes.  “Finishing is winning.”

This event teaches our young people a lot about themselves.  They do the event embodying the Kokoda spirit, which is remembering our soldiers that fought many years ago (and even today) and displaying courage, endurance, sacrifice and mateship.  We couldn’t be prouder of our students in their commitment to this event and the results achieved.

As well, a very special thank-you to our support crews.  Without your dedication and support, this wouldn’t be possible.  Thanks for looking after us.