At LORDS we believe that leadership is leaving your world a better place. It has everything to do with what you do for others. We want our students to recognize their leadership skills, competencies and abilities and put them into practice. Through our in-school and community programs, plus opportunities for overseas travel, our leadership development program provides an exciting range of personal growth and leadership development experiences designed for every Year level.


LORDS places an emphasis on each student’s holistic development. We are blessed in having expansive grounds to provide a wide range of opportunities. LORDS participates in sporting competitions at all levels including state and national representation for elite performers. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the school’s cultural and many varied co-curricular activities including debating, public speaking, sport, art, music, dance and drama groups.


Students of all ages are expected to be courteous and demonstrate respect for themselves, other students, teachers and staff, visitors and community members as well as for the property and belongings of self and others.


LORDS offers a broad range of experiences in which students are encouraged to participate, both within and beyond the classroom. Developing the skills of diligence within our students for their academic, social and emotional growth will provide them with essential tools and help build strong resilience for life. At LORDS students are encouraged to show diligence in all aspects of their school life.


Students are challenged to serve members of the LORDS and wider community through involvement in a range of activities. This ranges from small acts of kindness and courtesy between peers all the way through to support of community groups and charity organisations such as participating in Anzac Day commemorations, our Aged Care Buddy program and supporting Australian Lutheran World Services. This ideal enables students to develop partnerships locally, nationally and globally.

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