We Will Rock You

WE WILL ROCK YOU tells the story of a globalized future without musical instruments. A handful of rock rebels, the Bohemians, fight against the all-powerful Globalsoft company and its boss, the Killer Queen; they fight for freedom, individuality, and the rebirth of the age of rock. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, cannot come to terms with the bleak conformist reality. They join the Bohemians and embark on the search to find the unlimited power of freedom, love, and Rock!

“The show is live, dangerous, and more than anything else: it rocks!”
Brian May, Queen

LORDS students have been busy rehearsing for “We Will Rock You” since Term 4 last year, and their commitment, dedication, and talent is coming together for what will be a fabulous show! Very different from other LORDS musicals, “We Will Rock You” celebrates all of Queen’s well-known songs, and promises to have the audience enjoying every second of this musical journey.

Below is just one of many accolades the production of WE WILL ROCK YOU has received:

Dear Principal and Performing Arts Department and students, 

Last night I attended the amazing performance of LORDS students and staff of "We will rock you", and so enjoyed it and admired the immense talent of students and staff in producing such an enjoyable event. While I do not have any affiliations with LORDS, I am aware of the considerable effort and time that goes into such a production, as I used to be involved as my daughter participated in performing arts, concerts, Eisteddfods, Trinity College London Speech & Drama etc.., I wished to express my thanks for making available your production to the public and wish every continuing success with future productions. 

Warm good wishes, 

Yours sincerely, Janet T