LORDS Scholarships Program for 2025

LORDS offers a variety of scholarships for high achieving, passionate students who are looking to engage and excel in their education while immersing themselves in our school community.

Both future and current students of LORDS are invited to apply for our scholarships program.

The discount amount, length and number of scholarships offered are dependent on the number and quality of applicants each year, with the final decision remaining at the discretion of the Principal. Scholarships offered by LORDS range between 15-50% concession of Tuition Fees. The term of the scholarship may be between one year, if subject to annual review, or until such time as the successful applicant completes their education at LORDS. Retention of a Scholarship is subject to satisfactory levels of performance, involvement, and behaviour by the recipient.

All scholarships are confidential with offers not to be discussed with students and parents at the School or within the wider community.

Academic Scholarships

Our academic scholarship program rewards students who are high-level academic achievers and will be entering Years 7 to 12 the following calendar year.

Criteria: LORDS awards academic scholarships based on the results of our scholarship examinations which are held twice a year in March and again in September. Students only need to sit one exam per year. Exam results, in consultation with a Principal’s interview and previous school reports, and NAPLAN results, may result in a scholarship being offered for the following academic year.

Scholarship Testing Dates 

Saturday 7th September, 2024

Closing Date: Friday 30th August 2024


Performing Arts and Creative Arts Scholarships

LORDS is proud to offer scholarships to students with outstanding ability in either Performing or Creative Arts and will be entering Years 7 to 12 in 2025.

Criteria: Applicants who are high achievers in the Creative/Visual and Performing Arts areas of study are invited to submit either a portfolio or video of their work as well as school reports for the past 12 months, their latest Naplan results, and a covering letter detailing their passion for the Arts and a resume of recent achievements (2-page maximum).

Short-listed Performing Arts candidates may be invited to attend an audition.

Sports Scholarships

LORDS now offers scholarships for students who excel at a high level in their chosen sport.

Criteria: Applicants must support their Application with two referees’ reports outlining their suitability for a Sports Scholarship at LORDS. One referee report must be from a school coach or teacher, and the other from a recognised club or Regional, State, National, or International coach in the applicant’s chosen sport.

Scholarship applicants are encouraged to provide evidence they possess excellent leadership skills and are able to display the correct attitude and application towards the whole life of the school as well as school reports for the past 12 months, the latest NAPLAN results, and a cover letter and resume of recent achievements (2-page maximum).

All applications for Performing/Creative Arts or Sporting Scholarships must be received no later than 31st October, 2024.

Please contact our Registrar for more information on 07 5540 8888, or to submit an application by email: