School Fees

The following document outlines our School Fees for 2022:

2022 Schedule of Fees

Please contact our Registrar on 07 5540 8888 if you have any questions.

We can offer families an instalment plan for School Fees. Please fill in the form below if you would like to arrange this.

2022 Fee Instalment Plan

Payment Information

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Instalment Arrangements

• The first drawing under this Instalment arrangement to occur on the nominated date above.

• All instalments to be paid on time as per agreed amount and frequency.

• Any changes or updates to the instalment plan are to be advised promptly to the Fees Administrator, Kirsty Fahy 07 5540 8815 or by email

• The school reserves the right to review or cancel this arrangement at any stage throughout its duration if payments are not met.

• Fee balance is to be completed in full by the completion of Term 4 (2 December 2022).