Leadership and School Council

LORDS is governed by a School Council and sub-committees. Our LeadershipTeam works together to achieve common strategic goals and provide leadership in their areas of responsibility within the school. 

Jodie Hoff, Principal

Jodie Hoff is the Principal of LORDS (Lutheran Ormeau Rivers District School). She has worked in Lutheran Schools for over 20 years and has held various leadership positions during this time. Jodie has a passion for service learning and embedding it into school culture. She has worked regionally and nationally to develop resources to support schools with their service learning journey for Lutheran Education Australia and has most recently facilitated service learning units for educators through Australian Lutheran College and the University of Divinity. 

Jodie has served on many community and church boards and committees. She is the Chair and board member for ALWS (Australian Lutheran World Service). Jodie loves seeing young people use their gifts and talents to meet real needs in the community.

Jodie is the founding Principal of LORDS, and is delighted to be celebrating 10 years since our school opened.

Kellie Hardke, Head of Junior School

The Head of Junior School is responsible for Prep – Year 6, providing leadership and support to students, staff, and parents by effectively managing the daily operations of the sub-school. Kellie has served in Lutheran schools for over 20 years.  Her teaching career spans Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, however, the majority of her teaching and leadership has been in service to Lutheran Schools across Queensland. She has held previous leadership positions including Head of Learning and Teaching and Deputy Head of Junior School.

Kellie’s philosophy of education is grounded in the understanding that we are all children of God, each made uniquely and for a purpose. ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which he has prepared in advance for us to do.’ Ephesians 2:10.  Education is about inspiring students to grow and develop their gifts and talents so that they can make a positive difference in the world.

It is a privilege to serve in a community where God’s word and His love are being brought to life through our learning, our experiences, and in our relationships with others.

Selina Kinne, Head of Secondary School

Selina Kinne is the Head of Secondary School and is responsible for supporting and leading the community of students, staff, and parents across Years 7 - 12. The role involves overseeing the daily operations of the Secondary School, as well as actioning the school's Strategic Direction through student learning and engagement, and staff professional practice.

Selina is an experienced educational leader, working in Catholic Schools and Education Department schools in Tasmania and Queensland.  She had taken on many roles including Acting Deputy Principal, Leader of Student Services and Administration, Director of Learning and Teaching, and Head of Technology and Applied Sciences.  Her teaching areas are ICT, Robotics, Business, Mathematics, and Religious Education. 

Selina believes in educating the whole child with a faith-based world view centred on Biblical principles and encourages students to be challenged to become creative and innovative problem solvers. She serves the LORDS community with "hand, head, and heart" and works together with the leadership and staff to ensure students are engaged in quality education within a safe, nurturing and Christ centred environment.

Michelle Nisbet, Director of Studies Years 7- 12

The Director of Studies Years 7- 12 is responsible for teaching and learning including timetabling, subject selection, NAPLAN, pathways, QCAA compliance, and student tracking. Michelle Nisbet has worked in Lutheran Schools for 30 years.  She has experience as a Teacher, Pastoral Leader, Head of Teaching and Learning, and Head of Campus. She brings a wealth of experience in managing Senior Learning and is committed to empowering young people on their learning journey and embracing a holistic approach to student progress. Her priority is to create a supportive and inclusive environment with students, staff, parents, and the wider school community and develop a community of learners.  

Lauren Krenske, Year 7-12 Pastoral Care Coordinator

The Year 7-12 Pastoral Care Coordinator is responsible for all matters relating directly to Year 7-12, the overall welfare of students, and for promoting and fostering the development of a positive and cohesive sense of community amongst students and staff.

Lauren Krenske has worked in Lutheran Schools for the past 15 years, with experience in Junior, Middle, and Senior Schooling. She has served as a Teacher, Pastoral Care Leader, and Chaplain in previous settings. Lauren is trained in Restorative Practices and cares deeply about the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Lauren is passionate about Pastoral Care and believes in a holistic approach to education that includes a strong connection between personal wellbeing, social and academic growth. 

Fiona Smith, Prep – 6 Pastoral Care Coordinator

The Prep – 6 Pastoral Care Coordinator is responsible for the overall welfare of students and for promoting and fostering the development of a positive and cohesive sense of community amongst students and staff.

Fiona Smith’s background includes a variety of community and educational-based projects.  She completed studies in Health Science, Psychology, and Theology prior to completing her education degree.  Fiona has been a teacher at LORDS for the past 9 years.  During her time at LORDS, she has devoted time to developing positive and productive relationships with students, staff, and families.   She is an active member of the local community and aims to instill the LORDS values across the LORDS community.

Stuart Halsall, Business Manager

Stuart has worked in the education sector for 17 years, and has previously held Property Manager roles at large independent schools in both New South Wales and Queensland.  Stuart is currently the National Chair of the Association of School Business Administrators - Facilities Managers (ASBA FM), and for many years has helped to build support networks and improve education opportunities for school facilities managers both with regards to maintenance and design of the built environment.  Education and the opportunities that are available to students are always evolving and the role of the Business Manager is to support the school’s wonderful educators to achieve the best outcomes for our LORDS students, and help guide the future direction of the school.