Student Pathways

At LORDS we work with students in many ways to help shape and continually support their unique pathway.  At LORDS, priority is given to all students to provide them with the guidance they seek from years 7-12. We are committed to inspiring great humans who will go out into the world and make a difference in humanity.

It all starts in Year 7....laying the foundation of their Pathway

In addition to core subjects our Year 7 students also complete a series of ‘rotations’ allowing them to experience 8 additional subjects. By participating in subject rotations, students begin to learn how to manage the logistics of moving from one room to another, and from one teacher to another. This model also allows students to experience new subjects they may not have studied before so they can make more informed decisions when choosing electives in Years 8 and 9.

Years 8 and 9 Passion and Purpose Pathways

LORDS has reimagined our Year 8 / 9 elective program to the Passion and Purpose Pathways. As the name suggests this program aims to engage our young people by tapping into their innate sense of curiosity and giving them some choice about what and how they will learn. Through these pathway subjects, we aim to achieve the following: 

• develop specific knowledge and 21st-C skills

• provide opportunities to connect with industry and organisations outside of the school community 

• provide authentic, real-world experiences for our young people 

• empower our young people to make positive changes in the world 

• allow opportunities for students to make connections across subject areas 

Why have we taken this approach? 

Current research suggests that adolescence learn best when they: 

• understand the relevance/ purpose of the learning experience 

• have opportunities to make contributions 

• are engaged in challenges, simulations, experiences, and role plays

• are given independence and self-efficacy 

• can creatively explore and problem solve 

(Learning Design with the Adolescent Brain in Mind, Gardner, M et al, 2020) 

Below are some of the recent experiences that the students have engaged with as part of the pathway subjects:  

- partaking in self-defense workshops to learn about personal safety

- hearing from a LORDS student entrepreneur who shared his tips on generating personal income 

- learning about taxes, award wages, and creating personal budgets 

- connecting with a local gym owner to learn more about the connection between health and wellbeing

- interviewing a chef to find out about current food trends

- connecting with students in Nagano (Japan) via Zoom

Year 10 - Pathways Discovery Program

Year 10 is the time parents and students make decisions about their Senior Secondary Pathway and choose subjects and vocational courses to help them achieve their long-term goals. Year 10s attend compulsory ‘pathways’ sessions each fortnight for the duration of the year to assist then in their journey of self and career discovery.

Pathways at LORDS is all about giving students opportunity to engage with the world outside of the school gate. We do this by emphasising the importance of attending industry tours, engaging with our virtual work experience website, and listening to guest speakers from all walks of life share their life and career stories and more.

Parents and students attend key, compulsory events such as Subject Selection Information Evening, Launch Your Career Event, Achieve - Subject Showcase, Gold Coast Careers Festival, and all students will create a unique Senior Education and Training Plan ahead of Year 11.

The subjects chosen during SET Plan meetings represent an important educational decision and one that should be considered carefully. Years 11 and 12 represent an exciting challenge and an important investment in your future. It is important that as part of this decision-making consideration is made of whether students want to pursue an ATAR or Vocational Pathway.

The SET Planning process in Term 3 is an important opportunity to clarify decision-making and finalise pathways.

Pathways Discovery Placement

A face-to-face Discovery Placement enables students to trial industries, workplaces and roles they are interested in by participating in real-world experiences. 

Selecting Subject for Years 11 and 12

In Years 11 and 12, students will begin their carefully designed study program that allows them to pursue their passions, commit themselves to put their best foot forward, accept responsibility for their decisions, and continue growing as great humans ready to positively contribute to the world after high school. This requires independent approaches to learning and a commitment to being a responsible, self-motivated, and positively involved member of our school community. 

What is VET?

Vocational Education and Training. 

At LORDS, senior secondary staff are dedicated to carefully developing a unique senior education and training plan for every individual student.

From Year 10, students are involved with some or all of the following processes:

• SET plans

• Subject Selection processes

• Career Guidance services

• Vocational Education Coordinator services

VET allows students to undertake nationally recognised vocational qualifications while still at school.

VET refers to education and training that provides the practical skills and knowledge you need to:

• join the workforce for the first time

• re-join the workforce

• gain an apprenticeship or traineeship

• enter tertiary study

• advance your professional development

A VET course is a great way to fast-track your career or education in fields like:

• business studies

• health services

• mining services

• manufacturing

• agriculture

• tourism

• hospitality

VET qualifications are generally at one of the following levels:

• Certificate I, II, III or IV

• Diploma

• Advanced Diploma

• Vocational Graduate Certificate

• Vocational Graduate Diploma

More information is available here:


Successful completion of certificate and diploma courses will contribute points towards the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and may assist in providing pathways to selected universities and degrees, TAFE courses, traineeships, and apprenticeships.

Parents and students are always welcome to book a phone or face-to-face appointment with the LORDS Pathways Coordinator to help navigate senior school pathway options by emailing or phoning us at 07 5540 8888.

Stacey Martin, Year 7-12 Pathways Coordinator