Spiritual Life

Connecting with God

Lutheran schools encourage students to develop their spirituality. At LORDS we offer an environment where students can respond to God’s word through worship and the development of Christian values, attitudes and relationships.

LORDS is a community that puts Gospel values into action by respecting families from a variety of church and non-church backgrounds. This is achieved by:

  • Student participation in a K-12 Christian Studies program;
  • Regular worship as a central feature of life at the school where God comes to us a new each day;
  • Encouraging one another to share the gospel in excellence of service and witness;
  • Creating an atmosphere of forgiveness, acceptance and love in a caring community.

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Every month LORDS hosts a Sunday morning church service at school from 9:30am.

We know that faith, learning and life spill over into each other and so we see joint worship at the school as a very natural expression of our faith in Jesus. We look forward to your presence with us as we honour our Servant-King.  

Services will return in February 2024.