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Staff Profiles

Erin Sheehan (Bed. ECH)

Early Childhood Teacher/Service Leader

The Service Leader and Early Childhood Teacher, Erin Sheehan, has 10 years of early childhood industry experience and 5 years of Teaching experience in Kindergarten.  She has previously worked for C&K as a Service Leader/Teacher.  Erin is currently studying for her Masters of Early Education.

Rebekah Foster

Early Childhood Educator

Rebekah joined our Team in Term 3, 2019 as our Group 2 Educator, working alongside Miss Matjac.  Rebekah has 6 years of experience working in Kindergarten, Long Day Care, and OSHC Services.  She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education degree.

Amy Brewood

Early Childhood Educator

Amy joined our Team in Term 1, 2021 as our Group 1 Educator, working alongside Miss Matjac.  Amy has more than 10 years of experience working in the early childhood industry.

When is my child eligible for Kindy?

Your child must turn 4 by June 30 in the year that they attend Kindergarten:

Can my child attend if he or she is not in this age group?

If the Kindergarten does not receive an enrolment of two full groups of pre-prep age children, we are able to consider accepting those children whose birthdays are in the next year. These children would then be enrolled for two years of Kindergarten. The eldest children on the ‘early entry’ waiting list would be enrolled first.

How does LORDS Little Wonders operate?

LORDS is a single unit, sessional Kindergarten and a Queensland Government ‘Approved Kindergarten Program Provider’. We operate 2 Kindy classes per week. Each class will have 22 children and will operate on a 5 day fortnight, comprising of one group attending Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday and the other group attending alternate Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. School Holidays and Public Holidays are taken into account and the full dates of your child’s attendance will be provided at the beginning of the school year.

Please see above link for the new 2023 model for Little Wonders.

What hours does the Kindy operate?

2022 Kindy hours are 8:30am to 2:45pm, Monday to Friday*

LORDS Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) is available to Kindergarten families. Please contact the OSHC Staff via lords.oshc@qlecs.org.au to discuss.

*Changing hours in 2023 to M-F 6:30am to 6:00pm.

How is the Kindy governed?

The kindergarten is governed in partnership by a committee (which is a sub-committee of LORDS Council) and QLECS (Qld Lutheran Early Childhood Services). As the Central Governing Body, QLECS has the following commitments to us:

• To administer State government funding

• To report to Government that centres continue to deliver an approved program

• Support their associated services to provide a quality inclusive program

• Work with associated services to increase enrolments, manage waiting lists and the enrolment prioritization process

• Responsible for ensuring services cater for additional needs e.g. cultural

The process of decision making and overview of program planning, communication and evaluation of teaching and learning, along with staff development, is the responsibility of the Service Leader.

Who is teaching Kindy?

Kindy programs are taught by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher/Service Leader and an Educator (Teacher   Assistant).  The Service Leader and Early Childhood Teacher, Miss Erin Sheehan, has 10 years of early childhood industry experience and 5 years of teaching experience in Kindergarten.  She has previously for C&K as a Service Leader/Teacher.  Erin is currently studying for her Masters of Early Education.

The Teacher Assistant/Educator for Group 1, Mrs Amy Brewood, holds an Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood and has more than 10 years of industry experience.

The Teacher Assistant/Educator for Group 2, Miss Rebekah Foster holds a Diploma of Children’s Services, has 5 years of industry experience, and is studying towards a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

What does it cost to send my child to Kindy?

In 2022:

$50 enrolment fee—non-refundable (payable on confirmation of enrolment)

$1075.00 per term (4 terms @ $1075 = $4300 for the year)

This Term Fee is Inclusive of:

Incursion Levy

Community Engagement Project Levy

Please note that fees are scheduled on a per term basis, NOT a per day basis.  Full fees are payable even if your child is absent due to ill health of holidays.  Fees are invoiced in the first week of the Term and are to be paid in full by the due date on the invoice.

If you are Health Care Card holder and have presented a copy of your card to staff at the Kindergarten, you are entitled to a generous rebate on fees.  You will be invoiced for the amount minus the rebate for each term.

Please note:  We are a Sessional Kindergarten and therefore families are not eligible for the Child Care Subsidy.

What do I do next to enrol my child in the Kindergarten program at LORDS?

1. Return a waiting list form with your contact details (currently the waiting list fee is waived).

2. Your child’s details will be added to the Kindy waiting list for the year they will be attending Kindy.

3. The Service Leader of the Kindy will contact you via e-mail, in Term 2 the year before your child is due to begin their Kindergarten year and invite you to enrol your child. This will involve completing and returning ‘Acceptance of Kindergarten Place Offer’ form along with the non-refundable $50 Booking Fee.

4. Parents will be emailed the Enrollment Pack to complete and return at the Parent Information Evening.

5. Parents will be invited to attend a Parent Information Evening in Term 4 to meet staff and other parents and find out more about our Kindergarten program.

Contact Us

Phone: (07) 5540 8877

Email: littlewonders@lords.qld.edu.au