Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a key part of the LORDS culture. We acknowledge that the world is not perfect and at times, relationships may become damaged or broken. While it is important to teach and model building positive relationships, it is equally important to rebuild broken or damaged relationships in a peaceful and respectful manner. Through Restorative Practices, our staff work with students as required to learn how to resolve and deal with conflict to repair, rebuild and restore relationships enabling all to move forward with dignity.

Pastoral care is continually delivered via our Class and Pastoral Care (PC) teachers with support from our leadership team including our Junior School Coordinator, Junior School Pastoral Care Coordinator, Middle & Senior School Pastoral Care Coordinator, School Chaplain, School Counsellor, and Principal.

In the Middle and Senior Schools, students have pastoral care most mornings of the week during which their PC teachers facilitate a range of activities including circle time, buddy sessions with younger classes, devotions, and reflections, as well as helping students develop their time management, organisation, personal and study skills.

Fiona Smith

Prep – Year 6 Pastoral Care Coordinator

Lauren Krenske

Year 7 – 12 Pastoral Care Coordinator