Arts & Languages

Performing Arts


Drama is a unique art form that represents and re-enacts experiences, ideas, stories and emotions. Drama is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression and continues to be significant in all cultures and societies. In the subject of Drama, students have opportunities to learn about a range of forms and styles of the dramatic art form and gain understandings of human experience in different cultures, times, and places.

The classroom experiences in Drama are carefully constructed to provide students with learning contexts whereby they are actively engaged in negotiating, making decisions, and taking action, while developing essential skills in written and visual literacy and creative design.

At LORDS, Drama is an elective and is offered from Year 7 to Year 12.

Opportunities are presented for students to perform for audiences and participate in live theatre experiences.


This course of study is based on developing students’ musicianship. Musicianship is achieved through the knowledge and application of music elements and concepts. Students perform, compose and analyse music from different eras and styles, including popular, classical, jazz, non-western traditional music, and musical theatre. Students are encouraged to develop their talents in music through classroom performance and composition, as well through participation in the various ensembles offered at LORDS.

All Year 7 students complete one term of Music. From Year 8 to Year 12 Music is an elective subject, with the added option for students to select Music Extension in Year 12.

Co-Curricular Music

LORDS offers the following ensembles:

• Piccolo Choir (Years 1 – 3)

• Junior Choir (Years 4 - 6)

• Middle School Choir (Years 7 – 9)

• Senior School Choir (Years 10 – 12)

• Senior Vocal Ensemble (Years 7 – 12 auditioned)

• String Ensemble

• Concert Band

• Rock Music Workshops

• Ukulele Group

Our choirs and instrumental ensembles rehearse once a week and perform at school events, in eisteddfodau, and at external public venues. In their weekly rehearsals, students are not only rehearsing performance pieces, but they are also acquiring foundational instruction in performance, musicianship, musical literacy, and ensemble skills. They are also learning the value of commitment, punctuality, reliability, and teamwork.

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition

We offer individual and group tuition with specialist instrumental and vocal tutors which is available to students in Junior, Middle, and Senior Schools in the following instruments:

Tuition fees apply and are based on Music Teachers Association rates. Payment is on a term-by-term basis, paid directly to the tutor: invoices are issued by the tutors at the beginning of each term, and are payable within two weeks of issue.


LORDS produces a musical on a bi-annual basis. Participation in the musical is open to students from Years 7 to12 with skills in singing, acting and dance. We also provide opportunities for students to assist with sound, lighting and stage management. These productions give students a unique opportunity to experience the performing arts as well as learning new skills to build self-confidence.