Sport Staff

Meet Our Sports Leaders

Mr Brandon Bull - HPE Teacher and Sports Coordinator Prep - Year 6

Brandon Bull is the Junior Sports Coordinator at LORDS.  He is an avid sports enthusiast who loves participating in activities such as surfing, running, and swimming to keep himself fit and healthy. Coming from Canada, growing up, his sport of choice was ice hockey, which he played at a high level. He has accomplished many goals throughout his years at LORDS, including working with a group of young men to complete the 48 km Kokoda event twice. 

Physical activity and sports have been proven to have many benefits for overall health, including improving physical and mental well-being, promoting social interaction, and reducing stress. It is a known fact that sporting participation helps shape character and improve academic performance. He is committed to making this his goal as he aims to help students in their physical literacy journey.

In Junior School, we offer a range of sporting activities for students to get involved in. Our inter-school sports programs allow students to represent the school in various sports and compete against other schools. 

We also offer Year 5/6 students a Beach Safety Program through Surf Life Saving Queensland in Term 1, and Year 6 students participate in Surfing in Term 4. Our Co-curricular signature sports program includes Touch Football, Running Club, Futsal, Netball, and Kokoda which allows students to further develop their skills in their chosen sports.

Mr Kushaal Ram - HPE Teacher and Sports Coordinator Year 7 to 12

Kushaal Ram is the new Secondary Sports Co-Ordinator at LORDS. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in all things sports. He has been a successful elite athlete, mentor, and advisor to athletes at the high school and post-secondary levels. Kush, (as he prefers to be known),  is a strong advocate of building strong and successful athletic programs that promote teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, and a positive competitive spirit. He is committed to providing students at LORDS with the tools, training, and guidance they need to achieve their individual and team goals.

Kush has recently moved from Sydney and featured in the Football NSW NPL and in the Futsal Premier League. He has tutored elite athletes at the Australian College of Physical Education and has also internationally represented Fiji in cricket. Kush has relationships with many state and national sporting bodies, institutions, and teams, which will be beneficial for students of LORDS who are looking for opportunities to learn, develop and potentially go on to represent.

In Secondary school, we are working hard behind the scenes to establish and form new connections and elevate our sports programs and culture at LORDS. We currently offer Futsal, Touch, Basketball, and Netball as part of our Co-curricular Signature Sports Program.