The Kokoda Challenge

LORDS takes on the Kokoda Challenge.  This event gives students an opportunity to learn many important lessons and values, including teamwork, courage, physical fitness, consideration, appreciation, and determination.  This event is done with Australian spirit, remembering the diggers who fought so bravely in WWII.  These are the values we aim to instill in our students.  We know they will be challenged, but equally rewarded.  In 2021, LORDS had 16 teams participate in the event.  At the Brisbane Kokoda challenge, we had 8 teams participate in the 15km event and 3 teams participate in the 30km event.  At the Gold Coast Kokoda challenge, we had 3 teams participate in the 48km event and 2 teams participate in the 96km event.  Altogether 64 students and 16 teachers represented LORDS and raised over $6,700 for a great local charity.

In 2024, we will have 11 x 30km Kokoda teams this year..... 6 participants in the Brisbane event and 5 participants in the Gold Coast event.